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I Teach Because I am a Teacher

I Teach Because I am a Teacher

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No, that's not just some cliche. What I mean is that I went into education because it came naturally to me. Many teachers have reasons for going into teaching like: they want to make a difference, they want to change the world, the want to give back to the community or they love working with kids. These are all great reasons for going into education, however, I wonder how many teachers fail at teaching burn out and become ineffective or change careers because they went into teaching but they were not teachers? That is to say,teaching was not a part of them, it was what they did. As a teacher I have come against many situations where I have felt so useless and questioned why I even continue to teach. Then I remind myself that a teacher is what I am, not what I am doing. I can't help but be a teacher and I love it! I teach because I am a teacher.

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Cindy Mannie's picture
Cindy Mannie
Middle School Multiple Handicap teacher from Memphis, TN

I understand and relate to what you are saying, I to teach because I am a teacher. This is my second career, however no matter what job I had I was always instructing and teaching. I do it in every aspect of my life without even recognizing it, it is like my nature to teach. Maybe that is why I enjoy my job so much. I am a firm believer that teaching is a talent, and because it is a talent, every one just dosen't have the ability, no matter how much training they have.

Kate Ehrenburg's picture

I have wanted to be a teacher since I was a little kid. It is what I was ment to do in this world. Some teachers (sadly to say) teach because it is easy for them, summers off, not terrible pay, out early. Those are the great perks of being a teacher but not why you become one. You become a teacher because there is nothing else you could ever see yourself doing. Real teachers need that gratification that they inspired someone or they affected someones life. I could never do a job that was not beneficial to others.

Julie's picture
k-3 special education teacher from Ohio

I left teaching and never intended to return, working instead in the post office, as a secretary and as a cleaner. However, opportunities kept popping up to work with children. The library needed a story hour, the church needed Sunday school teachers, people were looking for tutors and soon most of my free time involved working with kids. Eventually, (14 years later) I knew it was time to return. It has not been easy after such a time lapse, but the journey was worth it. Teaching is a passion that drives you and can be quite consuming. I feel driven to help children and can not imagine doing any other type of job.

Maurice A. Humphrey Jr.'s picture

As a learner I think that through my elementary, middle, and high school period I was C average student which makes me a kinesthetic learner. I need to be active and take frequent breaks to keep me going through the day. I speak alot with my hands and I use several facial gestures. I enjoy field trips and tasks that involve manipulating materials. I'm very uncomfortable in classrooms where there is lack of opportunity for hands-on experience. When I'm bored or if something is not interesting I find myself moving around. As a thinker I know that I utilize my right brain side more than my left. I understand things better when they are used in a pattern which means taking one piece here and one piece there to develop a whole piece at the end. I like to create things by matching them by sizes or by colors. As a thinker I like to come up with the easiest way to get the job done which makes me a simple thinker. As a researcher I like to find articles or artifacts that help to support the point of view of where you are coming from.

Robin G's picture

This is awesome. [quote] Then I remind myself that a teacher is what I am, not what I am doing. I can't help but be a teacher and I love it! I teach because I am a teacher.[/quote] This same sentence has been popping up frequently in my life this school year. I am in a school that became Title 1 this year with 2 new administrators and everyone can feel that targets have been picked and we're getting knocked off one by one. Teachers are falling left and right. It's February, resumes are being updated and requests for Transferes are flying. I've been told i'm not effective. I'm not organized. I'm not... No I'm not organized. My mom realized that making me clean my room every week was a loosing battle when I was in elementary school, but I could always find what I needed. I'm not effective according to who? The administrator who didn't hire me and dosen't agree with my approach to getting students with a disability excited about an algebraic expression? Give me a break. Whether I teach in your school or some other place, teach I will do. Just keep in mind when I'm that teacher you want to hire to give a presentation at your school, I wasn't good enough for you.

Angela Kerns's picture

I so relate. I once said that if you cut me my blood would read "teacher". Like others being a teacher is what I am, not merely what I do. I must say that I like best to teach those who want to learn.

Yvonne Wilbrandt Ayala's picture

I love to learn. I love to learn new things with my students. I love to learn, explore and share. I love to teach my students this. I live by the "Golden Rule" treat others the way you want to be treated. What a great world this would be if everyone would practice this. I want to encouage and lift up people. I teach because I really believe knowledge is power. I want to give the power to our future.

Berta Reid's picture
Berta Reid
High School Spanish Teacher

I always tell others that God called me to be a teacher. Teaching is not for everyone and if you enter this vocation because of summers off then this is definitely not the place for you. I will not say that I entered teaching because I love kids because that is not true. I entered this vocation because I have always wanted to be a teacher.. I have pondered on doing other things at times when my career seems impossible to deal with but similar to other postings I have not been able to imagine doing something other than teaching. I have always said that I want to grwo old within the education field. Do I want to be in the classroom for the rest of my life... no. There comes a time when you must realize that you do not have the same effect on students. I would like to move onto an administrator role but that will occur once I am deem my time in the classroom has come to an end. Teaching is one of the most rewarding and satisfying career fields there is although it is the most stressful and ever so changing. To all of you who have been called by a higher being to become Gods in the classroom you are greatly appreciated without this career and without you this world would not be in existence.
Have a good day!

Kristi Jones's picture

I feel the same way. Teaching is also a second career for me, but I always knew I would be headed in that direction. It is what I am good at, what I love, and who I am. I feel so blessed that I have been given this natural talent to touch the lives of children. Teaching is not a job to me; it is a passion!

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