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The Promise Of Public Education

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As a new teacher I am very concerned at the direction that public education seems to be taking. I am a product of public education and I was always led to believe that education is the great equalizer, but now I am beginning to wonder. As a teacher what can I do if anything to make sure that our students are getting the best opportunities?

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Garrick Pickett's picture

Elaine I understand your frustration with the false beleive that public education can be the great equalizer. We as teachers are the ones that become the great equaliziers from our love, care, understanding, and drive for our students to be successful. We have to be that intrument of change and it will not be easy. It would be great if we funded the schools and paid the teachers to teach in those schools were students need great teachers the most. We talk a great game but when it comes down to it we fail these kids.

Elaine W. Allen's picture

Garrick: Thanks so much for the feedback, I never considered myself as the great equalizer, but will from now on. I realize that it is up to us to affect change, all it takes is one person to start.

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