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I feel silly admitting it, but I never heard of RSS Feeds until this week. I am excited to be able to subscribe to news and blogs that interest me, and not have to search them out continuously. For students, I see this as a great way to encourage them to learn from a wider variety of sources, to talk about bias and truth, and to participate as community members in the larger world--beyond the classroom. Do any of you have suggestions for the use of RSS Feeds in the classroom? It seems like a valuable tool to teach students.

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Kerry-Ann's picture

Sherrie we are both new to RSS Feeds but I am sure that as time goes by, we will learn new and creative ways to take advantage of this medium. I think teachers can utilize RSS Feeds in the classroom to help broaden their students' horizons. By doing so, students can explore how to express themselves openly with controlled language. Teachers and students can also generate new ideas from world issues and or other current affairs issues that could enable them to make their own informed decisions.

Edie Greenlee's picture

I too was unaware of RSS Feeds, but I am quickly seeing how they can help in most class settings. I look forward to hearing about the various ways our classmates are using RSS Feeds in the classroom.

Ms. Sherrie's picture
Ms. Sherrie
English Language Arts Teacher

I'm thinking this will be a great way for students to share resources whenever they are researching a topic, and to keep track of their information so they can credit their sources appropriately (something students are always working on as they learn to include quotations and paraphrases in their papers.) All this online collaboration is great when students are working in small groups, too, because they can share and refer to online sources easily.

Ms. Sherrie's picture
Ms. Sherrie
English Language Arts Teacher

RSS Feeds on Google Reader

I am a new woman! I have my own blog, and I receive hourly updates on all the blogs and articles I have subscribed to on my very own Google Reader. Now it seems so much easier to see how I can use this in the classroom to benefit my students. If they are researching, for example, the recent disaster in Haiti, they can set up a folder in which they collect a wealth of material from reliable news sources. Students can easily share these sources, including notes they add to particular blogs and articles. They can also mark the sources they find most useful with a star, to help everyone filter all this information. I'm hooked!

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