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Fair or Equal Student Treatment?

Fair or Equal Student Treatment?

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Should students be treated fairly or equally?

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Debb Adams's picture

That is a good question. I have the book Fair Isn't Always Equal by Rick Wormelli waiting for me to pick it back up during my next break from school. From what I read so far, the conclusion I've drawn that with differentiated instruction, Individualized Education Plans, and Behavioral Intervention Plans treating the students fairly is the direction we should be moving toward. I think I agree. A very simple example, I teach 7th grade English/Language Arts. The only homework that I assign is for the students to read 20 minutes a night, five times a week. They respond on a log and turn it in every Tuesday. There are students that are such reluctant readers, or that just flat out refuse, I have started finding short articles or stories for them to read and respond to. This may not equal what the other students are doing, but taking into consideration ability, home support (and ability to support), prior reading experiences, etc., this is what I have deemed the fair-est route to take. It requires reading and response, and although it is not within the context of a novel or longer book, I still can make evaluations of comprehension, use of strategies, and fluency based on the modified assignments.

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