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Computer-based (and other) Classroom Noise Monitors?

Computer-based (and other) Classroom Noise Monitors?

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Hi all,

Recently saw this post on Richard Byrne's great site, Free Technology for Teachers:

Has anyone used a computer-based tool like those mentioned to successfully help students self-monitor noise levels?

A colleague of mine has a device like this:

and claims it works well. I'd prefer a computer-based solution as my room is large and kids often work in different areas.

Finally, I'm mixed about even having to DO this, as I personally LOVE the sound of a noisy classroom. To me, it sounds like learning!

Thanks for any input,


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Keith Heggart's picture
Keith Heggart
High School Teacher from Sydney, Australia

HI Kevin,
Not much to contribute here - I haven't tried any of these systems or anything like them - but I wanted to say that I agree with you RE: noisy classrooms. I think student talk (as opposed to teacher talk) is vital for learning to take place - so I, too, would be hesitant to use technology like this.

Kevin Jarrett's picture
Kevin Jarrett
Maker Educator, Google Certified Innovator, Dreamer, Doer. Learning experience designer, workshop leader/speaker, author. Stanford #Fablearn Fellow. #GoogleEI

Thanks Keith (just bumping this up to the top).

I think there are definitely a few times when I'd like and prefer quiet, and in those cases, a tool would be useful, I just can't find one that works the way I want with no muss or fuss.

Still searching...


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