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Is Your School Innovative?

Is Your School Innovative?

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Hi Folks!

I'm wondering if anyone in this group believes that their school is particularly innovative and why. Or perhaps you can suggest a school that is! I want to learn about schools pushing the envelope with technology and other innovative integrations.

I recently visited Avenues The World School in NYC and was blown away by the innovation behind their walls.

Take a look at what Avenues is up to:

Looking forward to getting some feedback here.


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Zainab's picture
K-12 teacher from UAE, Dubai

Our School is awesome as well , it is almost the first and only authorized online school in GCC which has many branches all over the world.

Last year they opened a new branch in Dubai that supports blended learning

Dan Callahan's picture
Dan Callahan
Professional Learning Specialist, Edcamper, Graduate Professor

We're working on it in my district, but my gold standard for great programming and visionary leadership is Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia. (website appears to be down at this very moment, but I'm sure it will be back up sometime soon)

Whitney Hoffman's picture
Whitney Hoffman
Producer LD Podcast, Digital Media Consultant, Author

I agree with Dan- SLA is my benchmark for excellence. That said, I see pockets of innovation in our schools, but it's very teacher dependent. and not as systematic as I'd like.
In fact, I'm heading to a strategic planning meeting this evening, to focus on what we can do with blended learning. As we look at ways to make sure students are prepared for their futures, We have to be willing to look not only at the tech but the spaces that we keep kids in as well. So many schools are not all that different from a series of hotel rooms- different little places where kids spend a fixed amount of time in their seat, before they move on to the next room. I think we have to start thinking about new spaces and/or seating in order to accommodate more interactive learning. I think Steelcase's Node chair is one step in that direction, making a chair that is not only adjustable for comfort (no more nonstop fidgeting!) but also easily movable to work in groups, circles, traditional rows- at a moment's notice. This is the sort of flexibility we need to be thinking about, as well as areas kids can meet and work without disruption for them or others.
This said, there are also lots of concerns that too many nook like spaces are often repurposed by teens for less than academic purposes, so there's a lot of balance we need to consider when we start talking about school facility redesign, so I say- start with the chairs :)

Dave Pierce's picture
Dave Pierce
New York

I work with innovative mobile software on the ios platform in the United States. Schools that use this technology have quicker and more reliable access to student information. This software cuts out redundant communications and allows for student data to be accessed during a power outage, loss of internet connection, or student management downtime.

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