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Kindergarten iPad Apps

Kindergarten iPad Apps

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I love the current apps I use for my Kindergarten students, but I am looking for some fresh new apps that are appropriate for my grade. I use them in my classroom, but I also share them with parents to download at home as well.

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Kara Carpenter's picture
Kara Carpenter
Former teacher, expert in cognition & learning, and co-founder of Teachley

I really like Motion Math's Hungry Guppies.

Plus, we've developed a single-digit addition app at Teachley called Addimal Adventure, and we've recently made it FREE.

It's a great app for late in the year Kindergarten or summer preparation for 1st grade. To make it easier you can set the devices to be "tool round only" and "easy" in the settings. In a few weeks, we're releasing an update that will let you create multiple student logins, so that the game will adapt for each student. You can download it here:

Dan Callahan's picture
Dan Callahan
Professional Learning Specialist, Edcamper, Graduate Professor

A few apps that my Kindergarten teachers have used and think work well for centers:
-ABC PocketPhonics
-Word Magic

-Dinosaur Kids Math

Toby's picture
Teacher Liaison

My personal favorite comes from StoryBots. They have a slew of apps, specifically for kinder-aged kids. The Starring You Videos and Books are very fun, as you can place your students in the stories and make them the star. Super engaging!

There's also a great new math game, which you can also place your students' faces in. It comes with a few different levels of difficulty to keep your students challenged.

All of the StoryBots apps are free for educators, too:

Monica55's picture

Great tips, thanks everyone for sharing. What about the Android devices?

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