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Youth Engagement: DIY Skateboards in the Classroom

Youth Engagement: DIY Skateboards in the Classroom

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Educators around the world are looking for ways to help keep students 'in-class' - both physically and mentally. The Roarockit Skateboard Company has created a program that allows children to produce and apply graphics to their own custom skateboards without the use of any power tools. Our curriculum is a mix of art, action sports and hands-on learning, and has been steadily growing into classrooms and after-school programs around the world for over 10 years. The program can be integrated into many different subjects (Art & Design, Mathematics, Construction Technology, Business and Entrepreneurship and more), is suitable for students aged 10 and up, and can be tailored to different class sizes and time constraints. Basically, students work in groups to create their own skateboards. We have three different styles of boards they can choose from, all made using the same process and without the use of any power tools. It is such an amazing thing to see a full classroom of kids, walking away with a high quality, handmade board of their very own... not to mention some of the coolest graphic and design jobs we've seen in the skateboard industry! Feel free to check us out online. We have many tutorials and examples of the process on our various outlets, i.e., Facebook, Youtube, etc. Here is a link to a great article that goes a bit more in-depth into the teaching process - You can contact us by calling 1-416-422-5487 or Toll Free @ 1-888-857-7790 or by email @

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