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Recs for Reading/Literacy tools and apps for ipads and laptops

Recs for Reading/Literacy tools and apps for ipads and laptops

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I'd love to hear about any tools or apps that teachers are using in 1:1 classrooms to help middle/high school students improve overall comprehension. I'll kick things off with a recommendation myself: A company called Actively Learn recently launched their beta of a program called Actively Read. The program allows teachers to embed questions, comments and all sorts of multimedia links directly into the texts that you read with your class. I’ve been using the program with my students since last spring (most recently with "Harrison Bergeron") and it is really user-friendly. They are looking for teachers to try out this version of the product for FREE. The website is - check it out and request an invite to use it with your class! Full disclosure: I've done some consulting for the company, and they are a great group of educators who really want to help teachers and kids improve!

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