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good laptop for middle school cart

good laptop for middle school cart

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Hi everyone, I need to order several laptops for our middle school laptop cart. We currently have Dells (not tied to this, though), and though Macs would be great, they're probably not going to be in our price range. I would love to hear what people have in their schools, and any recommendations/suggestions! Thanks, Noelle

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Keith Heggart's picture
Keith Heggart
High School Teacher from Sydney, Australia

Just wondering if you've thought of going down the path of chromebooks? Not sure if you are using Google Apps for Education in your school, but if you are, this makes great sense. Not only are they reasonably cheap, but they work really well in terms of maintenance and management, as they are really slimline. Here's a link:

Christopher W. Williams's picture
Christopher W. Williams
Director of Information Technology at KIPP Memphis Collegiate Schools

We just bought the Lenovo Thinkpad X130e Laptops Noelle. They are small, rugged, and around $500 each. Each of them comes with a Windows 7 Professional License. They are small, and I can get 30 in a cart easily. I would highly recommend these. They have a 1024x768 screen which works great for NWEA testing as well. The are close to the same price as a Chromebook, and if you are headed down any type of virtualization path, these will work great.

If you need a good vendor, I'd be glad to hook you up with someone who is familiar with these units.

Noelle's picture

Thanks, those are good suggestions. We hope to start using Google Apps within a few months, and the idea of virtual desktops has been brought up.

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