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Revision for required Standardised Tests

Revision for required Standardised Tests

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Would be very interested to hear your thoughts on how you view pupils revising for exams. Things you think could make the time they spend more useful and perhaps ways that might help them focus more effectively? Whether you think testing to assess the class progress during class time is a frustrating experience for you as teachers, taking away from valuable teaching time? Whether you think the time you must spend to mark and grade could be better spent in other class preparations? I look forward to your thoughts.

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Keith Heggart's picture
Keith Heggart
High School Teacher from Sydney, Australia

The topic of exams is pretty controversial here in Australia. There is lots of discussion about schools spending too much time preparing for exams (the NAPLAN tests, here in Australia) and not teaching other subjects.

Personally, I think standardized tests have a place - but not at the expense of other subjects and opportunities for students. I hear with concern about arts and music programs being shunted aside to make time for exam revision.

When it comes to revision, I always encourage students to revise in a number of different ways - mindmapping, Q&A sessions, and then practice tests.

Hope it helps.

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