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Technology inclusion and integration vs. external products/systems

Technology inclusion and integration vs. external products/systems

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I've noticed the influx of companies marketing their brand of technology integration to schools. However, in all these external models, they seem to forget that technology isn't something you just add, it's something that's included/integrated meaningfully by teachers and students as a way to facilitate teaching and learning.

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Whitney Hoffman's picture
Whitney Hoffman
Producer LD Podcast, Digital Media Consultant, Author

I agree 100%. The easy thing is buying something in a box. the hard thing is integrating it into your life/classroom/lesson plan. We've looked at several online PD programs for example- Atomic learning is very much a "training model" such as "To do a mail merge, press these buttons" where sublime learning is much more about integration into a model lesson. Both can be useful, but you end up feeling like you are constantly comparing apples and oranges rather than a real, complete system to make tech integration meaningful and doable for teachers.

(Let's not even get started about those who are afraid of the tech for reasons ranging from "Stage fright" to just plain resistance and hope that this too, will pass.)

How do we get past the "buy it in the box" mentality and get people to engage in the meaningful, heavier lifting required for successful integration of tools, not toys?

sushma sharma's picture
sushma sharma
Lecturer Govt Girls School Jabalpur India

Appropriate Technology integration is the most important aspect in education.We have a class of students having different traits,different soc i-o cultural background,different developed skills and infinite dimensions of life.Now in such a mixed environment how to proceed is a big ? question.The answer in my view is to track them to a "junction" and then let them board their desired trains(fitting technology)and reaching their aims.This kind of use will be creative and the knowledge transfer will be permanent.I can define it more if some body wants to know how I did it in my English language classes.

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