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iPads without WiFi

iPads without WiFi

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Is it worth it to purchase iPads without having wireless?

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Bill Legate's picture
Bill Legate
Grade 6 homeroom, plus music teacher from Ontario

No way. The expense old not be worth it without WIFI.

Keith Heggart's picture
Keith Heggart
High School Teacher from Sydney, Australia

I have to second Bill's comments. Definitely not.

evelyndsteverson's picture

Yes, there is no meaning to buy iPad without Wi-Fi feature because there are many functions of iPad works with internet which connected with Wi-Fi. Ipad many times requires Wi-Fi to transfer data and join with internet connection so, we can say that it is worth to purchase iPad without wireless.

Jan Wee's picture
Jan Wee
Director- Information & Technology Services/School District of Holmen WI

We are facing a similar issue at our middle school. Sadly we have not, as a district, invested in full WI-FI (not because I haven't tried... it is the $$$). Our 8th grade team has invested in 10 iPads. We have WI-FI in the LMC and in a few isolated spots and we could allow a portable AP but that is always a hassle. Still there are many apps that you can use that will at least allow collaborative work, engaging reviews, etc. without the WI-FI. Think of the podcasts you could have available, the ebooks, etc. and then the reflective writing that can be done without the WI-FI active. If you can convince the powers that be to get one area location where you can synch the iPads it wouldn't be an absolutely NO situation. Just another thought on this. Of course, ultimately you MUST get WI FI but work towards it. Get one Access Point in place somewhere... work with your tech director.
Good luck,

Chuck's picture
Math teacher/ tech integrator trainer, Ferguson-Florissant SD

Maybe. It would take a LOT more syncing via computer. I have a class set (25) in my room with a local wireless point that IT set up in my room and it works great. Some days it goes down and the iPads are a little less useful, but partly because I rely on them having WiFi. If I didn't have Wifi, I would adjust my lesson plans accordingly, and a lot of those hangups on wifi-less days would disappear.

To say that in a different way, there are still plenty of learning opportunities available without wifi - you'll just have to check work on the actual iPads, instead of having students share over wifi

Erica's picture
Primary English as a Second Language

What about an Android? What quality teaching app are available for Androids? Is it a requirement that Wifi be available?

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