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Using Technology to Help Students "Cyber Travel" and foster Global Education

Using Technology to Help Students "Cyber Travel" and foster Global Education

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Hello All, I've become fascinated with the "Exchange 2.0" Movement: The idea that teachers can use technology to allow students to cyber-travel and foster global awareness, as not all kids have the money to fly to another country for an in-person cultural exchange. Have any of you tried this? Have tips or success stories? For the past several years I've been working on my own version of Exchange 2.0: Helping students around the world share their true life stories so others can learn about life in other countries. Feel free to use these with your students, as I've had a lot of success reading and responding to them with middle school, high school, and ESL adult students. - First-person true life stories from students in Ghana (from when I was volunteer teaching there): - First-person true life stories from teen and adult ESL students from a variety of countries: - First-person stories of Boston students traveling to China: - The lesson plan for how to create True Life Stories with students: Best, Lillie

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