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Fun educational tech and computer games you can play in class

Fun educational tech and computer games you can play in class

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There are many tech gadgets and games you can use in class. I think it would be wonderful to have a list of those things available for all of us. I'll share the first one... :-)

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I am a student, Grand Canyon University, Science K-8

I do not have a great deal of games yet, except those that we use here with my 6 year old grandson. He loves Lego University so I watched him play. He is learning key board skills, goal setting,decision making, coorperative play,READING and Math skills. I love it! He loves to read but this site has words he does not know and you can hear him breaking new words down up to get the pronounciations correct so he can decifer the mission and move forward :) I also recomend and they have a variety of games that develop math and reading.

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