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Technology? Assessments? So many questions...

Technology? Assessments? So many questions...

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I have currently been inundated with talk of technology in education. We need technology to enhance education. We need technology to engage students or prepare them for the future. I find myself considering each of these reasons. Yes, it's true, all of them have a certain valid value in education. But wait, I'm also reminded that I live in a society that emphasizes testing. Testing is everything - how you are viewed as a teacher is determined by the testing results. And then I wonder, does technology have a place in preparing students for assessments? It seems like there exists an educational plate - and figuring out the portions of each thing thrown onto the plate is critical. What's the largest portion on the plate? Where does technology fit on this plate? When it comes down to it - don't administrators care 'mostly' about testing results - not the technological skills the students acquired during the year? Maybe there needs to be more technology assessment to show improvements in skills that aren't currently tested. Thoughts?

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