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Edmodo - Our Social Learning Platform

Edmodo - Our Social Learning Platform

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This will be the third year that I will be using Edmodo with my 4th graders. My students start the year in a class group that only members of the class can join. During the first week of the year, I teach digital citizenship lessons while they are using Edmodo for socializing. As soon as they are comfortable accessing their Edmodo account and navigating the interface, I start adding assignments. They love that they can access their assignments when they log onto Edmodo. Some who have access will even extend the school day by working on assignments at home. After I know they are ready, I set up a collaborative group with some other 4th grade teachers in my district and a group for our Skype buddy classes. Now my students can collaborate with others beyond our classroom. We can share anything with others that can be embedded on Edmodo. One of my students' favorite things to share is the Glogters they have created. They are so excited when they receive feedback from other kids and teachers in other parts of the country. Finally, I create other Edmodo groups for any large collaborative projects we are doing. Last year we had seven teachers and their students join us on an Edmodo group for Identity Day. It was wonderful to see each child's project about his/her passion. Edmodo is an excellent way to allow younger students (under 13) to be able to use a social media site in their classroom. Students can sign up for Edmodo without having an email address. They get the code to join a group from their teacher and they are added to the group. Students can communicate with everyone in the group or privately with the teacher, but they can not privately message another student. I am excited to start the new year and try out the new student features that Edmodo added this week. Student profile's can be expanded and badges can be given to students. There is also a way for parents to get involved that I will be exploring this year. Check out Edmodo and I think you will find it to be a wonderful addition to your technology toolkit.

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Paula Naugle's picture
Paula Naugle
4th grade ELA and SS teacher from New Orleans, LA.

If you have any questions about using Edmodo please email me at plnaugle(at) or ask me on Twitter (@plnaugle).

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