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Are you looking for free, easy, educational tools?

Are you looking for free, easy, educational tools?

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I have been working on compiling tools for educators for some time now - and I'm always on the hunt - so please share any great tools you have found! If you need some quick ideas of tools to use in the classroom please visit my blog: Let me know if it helped - or if you have ideas or suggestions. Thanks!

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Mr. Stapleton's picture
Mr. Stapleton
6th Grade Teacher and Tech Integration Specialist, Seoul, Korea

I'm glad you thought it useful. Please share it - I want teachers to be able to use it to get ideas.

KristinMMarie's picture

Thank you for sharing your blog! Will share with those we are working with.
We here at MentorMob are providing a free tool for teachers and we would love having more teachers try out what we are working on. Our playlist is a way to organize teacher's online materials (YouTube, Slideshare, Screenr, PDF's, etc). Would love to know your thoughts and if this helps in the classroom. It also can be embedded into LMS' and Blogs.

Keith Heggart's picture
Keith Heggart
High School Teacher from Sydney, Australia

Hi everybody,
I heard about MentorMob the other day and gave it a shot with my Ancient History class. I've been pretty impressed with it - mostly because it is so straightforward. In this world where knowledge is so accessible, I think that it is important that we, as teachers, find ways of 'curating' this content so that students don't get swamped by the volume of information out there.

I used MentorMob for this exact purpose. I wanted my students to learn more about the Spartan education system, so I created a learning playlist on MentorMob with some films and websites that I had already checked and approved. I then embedded this on the school's moodle page.

Easy! It was very well received by the students, who flet that they were in control of what they were learning - and didn't have to wade through pages of pages of google searches.


Tom Kramer's picture
Tom Kramer
Technology Integration Specialist

Mentormob rocks. Just turned my teachers on to it. I am using it to help them with their research projects. Check out the site I hope they will soon release the spotlight feature which allows you to spotlight text on the website. It would also be a great tool for webquests.

Keith Heggart's picture
Keith Heggart
High School Teacher from Sydney, Australia

Hi Tom,
Second that motion about the spotlight feature in MentorMob. I got a quick demo of it courtesy of Kristin, and was really excited by the potential. I also have started playing around with the Pro version of MentorMob. The part I like about this is that I can see exactly where my students are up to on each playlist - and how long they spent on each item in the playlist.

It might be early days for MentorMob, but the signs are good so far. I use it as part of a flipped classroom model - it's been very popular so far.

Peter Groen's picture

Getting specific, check out the non-profit COSI 'Open' Education Technology web site that contains links and info about a lot of 'Open Education' tools. There is info on Open Source Software, Mobile Apps, Open Access, Open Data, and more. See

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