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Integrating Technology in the Classroom

Integrating Technology in the Classroom

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Technology has indeed revolutionized the world. The current generation of students learns better, when they are taught with the aid of technology. Blogs, podcasts, and wikis are powerful tools now available for teachers and students and if used in the classroom it can do wonders for students who now days are technologically advanced. I believe that there are numerous benefits in using technology, and teachers have to learn to use it to their advantage in “doing things differently” and not just “doing different things.” Integrating technology in my classroom is going to be very interesting. I love technology and I hope my students share the same passion I have for technology.

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Preeti Singh's picture
Preeti Singh
Third Grade Teacher

The technologies that I use in my classroom are smart board, PowerPoint presentations, Videos from Brain Pop, United Streaming, and YouTube.

What type of technology do you use in your classroom? Are you "doing things differently" with technology or just "doing different things."

Martha Hyaden's picture

As a special education teacher I need to be able to present concepts in many different ways. Students today are tuned into technology because they have grown up with it all around them. I enjoy finding ways to visually represent ideas and concepts for students. With all of the technology available, teachers' words can be supplemented with the visual through use of the SmartBoard, PowerPoint presentations, and interactive websites. These resources allow teachers to present ideas in more interesting and visually stimulating ways than ever before. Interactive lessons on Smartboards and computers can help students actively connect with the material. Technology in the classroom can make it a very interesting place!

Terri Britt's picture

I have students use electronic sources such as WorldBook Online, Brittanica Online, or Kids InfoBits to further their understanding of curriculum content then have them use what they found in various formats such as PowerPoint or PhotoStory presentations, creating posters using Microsfoft Word,or creating comics with ComixCreator. I look forward to having students use blogs, glogster, and creating e-books before the year is out.

I like to give students a fun way to share what they've learned and to increase the number of tools they know about and know how to use. Every research lesson allows them to explore a new tool and gives them a new format to share what they've learned. Teaching them as many ways to find answers and create output in the time we have is a priority as I want them to go to middle school with as many tools and learning experiences as possible from our limited time together.

Morgan Giddings's picture

One place to start that I found really cool is download the free tools guide.
It has so many neat examples that will give you inspiration on how you can incorporate the best technology for your lesson and students...
One item that has been particularly useful is Mouse Mischief- not free but a great way in INVOLVE students and they really like it!
Good luck!
Also- this is interesting subject regarding technology:

Farhad Anklesaria's picture

Can anyone here please tell me, or point me in the direction of where I can find out how much money is spent on classroom materials each year?
Also, what companies produce similar products to LEGO Education?
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Trying to write a paper.

Thanks so much.

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