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The importance of Integrating Technology in the classroom

The importance of Integrating Technology in the classroom

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Technology has indeed revolutionized the world. The current generation of students learns better, when they are taught with the aid of technology. Blogs, podcasts, and wikis are powerful tools now available for teachers and students and if used in the classroom it can do wonders for students who now days are technologically advanced. I believe that there are numerous benefits in using technology, and teachers have to learn to use it to their advantage in “doing things differently” and not just “doing different things.” Integrating technology in my classroom is going to very interesting. I love technology and I hope my students share the same passion I have for technology.

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Carlos Gramata's picture

I agree with you, Preeti. Truly integrating technology into classroom instruction requires that educators "do things differently" right from lesson design all the way to implementation. Your students undoubtedly share your passion--I've had the pleasure of seeing it myself!

Bryon Demerson's picture

I completely agree. The technological resources made available today open doors to many creative teaching strategies. No longer must teachers simply write on the chalkboard and hand out worksheets, but we must engage students in the learning process through the use of technology. Students have shown that they respond better to PROPER use of technology in the classroom. Classes are more engaging, fun, and interesting with the use of technological advances like smart boards. As educators, we must tap into these resources to enhance our classroom in a way that every student is being reached in their own way.

Dan Sherman's picture


There are so many tools that teachers can use to ease their pains and make learning far more engaging and fun for students. We have seen several teachers adopt TenMarks ever since we made it FREE for teachers and the response has been nothing but overwhelming. It goes to show how teacher behavior is changing towards adopting tools to get the best of their class!

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