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Wikis in Your Classroom

Wikis in Your Classroom

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Dear Colleagues, I recently 'discovered' how easy it is to create a wiki (an interactive teacher-student collaborative website for your classroom; think "wikipedia" tailored to your classroom). So I immediately created a wiki (during the Christmas Vacation Break) for High School Geometry Fun, a work-in-progress that you are welcome to visit and view and play around in: (Be prepared: this is the Opposite of Boring... :-) And I welcome all comments and suggestions AND collaborations... As well today, I came across the following excellent website that CONCISELY introduces teachers to "What are wikis and how can teachers create and use them in their classroom with their students?", including a real High School History Class Wiki example focused on studying and 'wikifying' FUN about Shakespeare's Henry IV play...wonderfully and concisely presented in a 6 minute video by the EdTechTeacher website: Enjoy the Magic... You have just entered the WikiZone...of Classroom Teaching Fun... Sincerely, Allen Berg Kepler's Apprentice

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Jamie Hill's picture
Jamie Hill
HS math teacher, interested in Tech and PBL

Hey, I also love wikispaces. However I have just been introduced to Google sites. Same idea, your students can join too but you have all the power of Google tools, like docs and calendars. Im giving Google sites a try for the first time this year. Just an idea.

One suggestion I have for your wiki is categorize the navigation bar. You have a ton of awesome stuff, I would suggest making categories so the navigation isn't so long. Then, have other pages link from those categories.

Allen Berg's picture
Allen Berg
curriculum and projects learning centers

Howdy Jamie,

Thanks for your post for two good reasons!! :-)

1. I have two kool wikispaces (HS Geometry and ArtsEdu K-12) and both have 130+ pages! Yes the Navigation Bar is Very Long (ABC....Z)...
The ABC works but is a little bit 'weird' looking on the screen...
--So is it easy to "Categorize the Navigation Bar"...?
--I asked their Tech Support the same question via email in September
(They don't talk with anyone... :-) and they avoided the answer, with some vague 'sentence fragment' about using "Tabs"...with no further instructions or "Go to look at..." example...

2. I want to create a website alternative to Wikispaces, exactly because it would allow me to create a real "Table of Contents" page with links and website "navigation arrows" at the bottom of each page: "previous page", "next page", and "Table of Contents"....

Can you recommend Free Web Hosting websites that are "drag and drop" easy,
and really "Free"...? My Google Search was like "Overload Commercials"...
Is ok, or, or now... I will check "Google Sites"...

Thank you in advance for any comments and suggestions (for all of us here :-)

Wikified, Allen Berg
looking to learn some more "tech tools" for education...

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