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Journey To Becoming A Educator

Journey To Becoming A Educator

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What inspired you to become an Educator? Everyone has his/her reasons for choosing to become a Educator or Mentor. Everyone has a path that they took before deciding to go ahead and pursue it.

As a young student when I first enrolled in college, I was told by my family that I should try to be a medical doctor or a pharmacist. I spent three very frustrating and agonizing years taking countless Chemistry and Biology classes that I totally despised. Finally, as I was sitting down with my mentor, I realizing that my true passion and calling has always been to teach and mentor those who are less informed than me, and that was something that I could see myself doing for the rest of my life. Now as an Education major, I find going to class a more enjoyable experience. I am more attentive and engaging in all that I do because it is something that I have a passion for. That is pretty my journey to becoming an Educator. What is your story??????

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David Andrade's picture
David Andrade
Chief Information Officer

I was working as an aerospace engineer, and while I liked it, I wasn't content. I was also working part time as a paramedic and was an EMS-Instructor teacher EMT, Paramedic, and CPR classes. I loved teaching. One day I was talking about this to my EMS partner, who happened to be a high school science teacher and he told me about Connecticut's ARC (Alternate Route to Certification) program. I applied, was accepted, passed it (and my Praxis II) and became a teacher. That was 9 years ago and I love it. I've gone on to get a Master's in Education, do training, present at conferences, write a blog, and write for an educational magazine.

My experience as a teacher led my wife to become a high school biology teacher. She was a surgical technologist, EMT, and then worked for an insurance company. She went back to college and got her degree in biology and education and now teaches too.'s picture

I've always known that I've wanted to work with others. I also knew that I wanted to help people. I did not know exactly how until I began working in a maximum security prison. It was once I saw

Betty Ray's picture
Betty Ray
Senior Editor at Large

@David Great story. I could see myself doing something like that one day. My family is full of educators, and I am increasingly called to do it myself. And fun to see your wife got called too.

@tutray -Looks like you got cut off by mistake. I'd love to hear the rest of your story! I'm sure working at a maximum security prison is a real eye-opener.

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