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interactive white board

interactive white board

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i have recently been introduced to the interaactive white board and i was wondering if anyone had any tips on lesson that i can teach to get myself as well as the children familar with the new technology

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Do you mean a SmartBoard? I really enjoy those! I liked using it to supplement a lesson or activity and pull up things that it wasn't critical for, so it wouldn't be the end of the world if it didn't work right. That gave us practice with using it correctly so we could use it on activities it was absolutely required for. Also, make very sure to align it every once in a while so it marks in the right places.

Colleen's picture

I have started using an interactive white board this year for the first time. It is so much fun and engages the kids. We have used the board to skype with a refugee camp in Africa, a parent in Iraq and another classroom that is two hours away. I have also utilized webquests to bring the kids into a concentration camp to build the background for a novel we were reading. We often use the board to do math problems with everydaymath. The uses are endless. Try a few sites and go from there. I have used during our open house. This site allows you to use electronic sticky notes to leave notes. The parents loved it and the kids loved seeing what their parents said the next day. Try out to see virtual posters for various literature and in other subject areas. The kids will be fascinated! Spellingcity is another site to play games to practice spelling words. My suggestion is to start small but before you know it you will be hooked!

Kathy Morlan's picture
Kathy Morlan
High School English Teacher

Charmagne, I hope you've had a great time with your IWB. I was wondering how it has gone this year. The best thing I ever did was load the software on my home computer so that I could play. I'm more of an intuitive learner, so that is what worked for me. I also downloaded lesson plans from Smartboard and tried to figure out how some of the lessons were put together.
I've found that although many parts of the Resources on smartboard are aimed at younger students, my high schoolers love to play with "children's games."

Shawn Beard's picture
Shawn Beard
Virtual School Coordinator

I hope you are enjoying your Interactive Whiteboard. I have a SMARTBoard and I often use the SMART recorder feature to record small snippets of what we are doing in class. Then I post the resulting videos online for students to watch when they miss class. Another suggestions is to take advantage of the wealth of interactive websites on the internet. These are great for supplementing your instruction. I have created a wikispaces site for work that includes a list of interactive resources on the web. See what we have collected so far: .

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