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Technology Integration Services

Technology Integration Services

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Hello, For a K-12 school (Universal Academy of Florida - here in Tampa, FL we looking for some help in-terms of technology integration into curriculum. If anybody can offer services to review lesson plans, perform gap analysis and help us integrate technology into our curriculum, please contact me ( Thanks,

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Johnny Hamilton's picture
Johnny Hamilton
Ed Tech Consultant, SMART Board Trainer, Author of Online CEU Courses

A place to to get some more ideas for free is There, you can find a lot of videos that show how you can integrate SMART boards with other tools such as document cameras, MS Word and more into 8 curricular areas.

I've also developed 5 accredited online courses in 4 subject areas including English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies ( The courses cover skills and curricular integration and feature hours of video and 1 on 1 moderation.

As a former Technology Director, I've also written technology curriculum for a K-8 school. I'll send an email to begin a discussion.


Betty Ray's picture
Betty Ray
Senior Editor at Large

Hi All - I strongly suggest you not publish your personal contact info on any web pages. Not that the edutopia community is going to use it with ill intent, but search engines and spiders can find it and publish it elsewhere.

Also, if you have a service that might be of use to another poster, please send it to that poster directly by visiting the person's profile and clicking on "Send a Message" underneath the person's photo.

Thank you for keeping our community commercial-free!

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