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Combating Cyberbullying In High School

Combating Cyberbullying In High School

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Hi everyone, I'm new to the groups section, but I've written an article for Edutopia before on cyberbullying. I thought this would be a great place to go with my question. We are two Maine media specialists working under the fiscal sponsorship of an educational technology nonprofit for kids, Platform Shoes Forum, to create an in-classroom manual called "Cyberslammed: How To Understand, Prevent and Combat The Most Common Cyberbullying Tactics" for middle and high school teachers across the country to help students learn how to avoid cyberbullying and to practice ethical, smart choices in using today's technology. It is due to be published by Youthlight, Inc. in 2010. We really need some real life stories of teachers to go with this manual and are particularly interested in knowing if your school has a cyberbullying policy. If interested, read below and take our anonymous 8-question survey! Thank you for helping us strengthen this manual! Kay Stephens and Vinitha Nair

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Cindy Johanson's picture
Cindy Johanson
Executive Director, Edutopia

I'd appreciate any recommendations for NY/Long Island-based speakers on cyberbully(related to students and teachers)for a professional development day. Thanks!

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