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What is the one new technological tool that all middle/high schools should add?

What is the one new technological tool that all middle/high schools should add?

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If you could suggest that every middle and high school teacher add one new technological widget to their repertoire of tools for promoting the highest quality learning, what would you recommend that they add? How could this tool promote high quality learning? (Do you have any specific examples of how this tool has already lifted learning?)

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Meg Leathart's picture

What I want doesn't exist that I know of but Id like an app that has students working out the resources, where they come from, whose lives are affected by their making and use and pretty much anything that is involved in anything my students do, like using bits of tech hardware. Thanks for all the software ideas.

Heather Dowd's picture
Heather Dowd
Instructional Technology Specialist for Sauk Valley Community College

Social bookmarking with Diigo would be my choice. It's great to share resources with each other.

Jason Sinclair Fowler's picture
Jason Sinclair Fowler
PhD Graduate Student University of Chicago

May a suggest a virtual Spanish writing center online?

Here students have access to submit papers to be edited and proofread by university graduate students in Spanish with years of writing center experience. This way the student can write--ad nauseum--in Spanish and receive instruction about how to improve upon their writing in real time.

Spanish Paper Help also works directly with academic institutions to provide such services.

Cynthia DeMone - 16414's picture
Cynthia DeMone - 16414
10th grade biology teacher

Online games and testing through This has been a real time saver for me with testing and fun practice for the students.

A.An's picture
High School History teacher and model un advisor

I'd like to see the app mentioned here called "Inspiration" but cannot find it. Can anyone direct me?

[quote]One of the best tools for any student/teacher/administrator is cognitive mapping software such as "Inspiration". We think in images that are associated with our senses, memories, and our emotions. Cognitive mapping software helps to develop images and relationships of abstract concepts.

It can be used by students/teachers/administrators to present information and used by students/teachers/administrators to develop their own understanding of abstract concepts.[/quote]

Kathy Morlan's picture
Kathy Morlan
High School English Teacher

[quote]Cell Phone use in class. Could you list some of those resources for cell phone use.[/quote]

There is a book called "Toys to Tools" that you might want to check out. There is a book discussion on that topic over in ISTE.

vzbarrett's picture
special education teacher/administrator

I agree with Lynn Farrin about putting laptops in the hands of ALL students. Even in large, resource-rich systems , not all students have the basic tools of technology. Before jumping to the next cool tool, which will not be the coolest new tool in a very short time, work towards all students having access to the basic tools.

John Willis's picture

Student Autorespondrs are a powerful tool for formative and summative assesments. I use them heavily during formative assesments to gauge the class for understanding. When I introduce new concepts in my physics class I will do the following:
1. Ask a question prior to performing a demonstration or discussing new content.
2. Show a histogram of the class data (answers are anonymous)
3. Ask students to work in pairs or small groups for a couple of minutes and discuss the question and the logic of their answer then answer the question again.
4. Show the histogram of class data pay particular attention to how the answers changed.
5. Reveal the solution, show demonstration, etc. and have a class discussion.
6. If the data shows the class understands the question we can move on.
7. If the data shows the misconception is still prevelant than I know to provide additonal instruction.

The autoresponders are such a powerful tool for engaging students, determining immediately the level of class progress and promoting class discussions.


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