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Welcome and Introduce Yourself

Welcome and Introduce Yourself

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Welcome to the Technology Integration: High School group. Please take a moment and introduce yourself. In your introduction please share why you are interested in technology integration at the high school level.

This post was created by a member of Edutopia's community. If you have your own #eduawesome tips, strategies, and ideas for improving education, share them with us.

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Christen Schneider's picture

Jennifer and I are at the same school! I'm the math inclusion teacher. Our school is a digital charter school in Ohio that is a non-profit and is run by a board of directors of local superintendents. Since we're an entirely digital academy, we really need to work on our ability to teach using technology! We've been provided with great tools, but I definitely need ideas. We're especially looking for ideas about the new program we were hired for, which in the inclusion model classroom. This is the first time our school has tried to do inclusion in the online setting, so we're kind of making things up as we go along and looking for good examples!

high school math teach

Hi group, My name is Michael Smith. I'm a fisrt year math teacher at my local high school and I was worndering if anyone could give me some advice on how to implement technogoly into my classroom.

Sandy Erickson's picture
Sandy Erickson
6-8 Intensive Reading Teacher

I've just "graduated" from teaching middle school to high school. We have Promethean boards in every classroom but I'm not quite up to speed yet. I am in the process of acquiring a tech certificate from Full Sail University in Orlando to be more efficient and knowledgeable with various software and media. I want to know what people are doing succesfully and what things to avoid. I teach Resource Math (for special diploma students) and Algebra 1

Adrienne Pascal's picture
Adrienne Pascal
High School Physics Teacher

I am a developer of both Second Life content and Physics content at the high school/Advanced Placement level.

As a physics teacher for 16 years, I was astounded by the possibilities of distance learning through this particular "game".

Thus far, I have been able to build an integrated online classroom where students can type in chat, listen and watch my power point presentations/video demonstrations that I can play in world while I speak via a www radio connection (where I speak only). Then, at any point in the lesson, I can open up the forum for questions via voice within the game.

At this point, I am very interested in talking with fellow educators in Second Life who may be taking a similar approach or even thinking about doing something similar. More or less, I want to bounce around ideas.

I feel that various subject areas in this conversation would also be beneficial.

Rawlslyn's picture

Hello, Adrienne!

A colleague of mine forwarded me your information in this forum. Your name sounds very familiar, though. My name in SL is "Elphaba Helendale." I use SL for my college English Composition courses and will soon use SL for my Adult High School (ages 18-29) students. Our island can be found in search by typing "FSCJ." I'd love to stop by your island as well!

Take care,

Rawlslyn Francis
Professor of Language Arts, FSCJ

Georgia Broussard's picture

I am a high school science teacher. I started on the path to teaching with technology when I was chosen for a technology showcase classroom during National School Board Association visit to our district. I have gotten hooked on using technology and have recieved several grants. The most recent was for netbooks, digital video cameras, and mp3's for my classroom.I am interested in collaborating with other that use technology.

FrankBarnes88's picture

Hi, all: I am a high school English teacher and assistant principal. I teach AP Language and Composition to 11th graders, and I co-teach a sophomore humanities class. My course load was reduced this year because I became a member of the administrative team at my high school in Bennington, Vermont. I have a Master of Arts in Teaching, a C.A.G.S. in Ed. Leadership, and am a National Board Certified Teacher.

I first became interested in using technology in the classroom about five years ago, after taking a workshop to build a school Web page. One of the first things I did was create a blog so students could continue our class discussions at home. I was sold on how powerful this could be after receiving several emails from students, thanking me for creating the blog. Some of the comments I received noted discomfort in speaking up in class, difficulty in elbowing their way into a conversation, and not being able to articulate their thoughts in the classroom environment. Since then, I have been especially interested in technology as a communication and learning tool, and I have advocated for integrating technology into--and across--our curriculum.

Last year our school board approved a classroom set of netbooks for another teacher and me, and a set of tablet computers for a third teacher. Another score was the purchase of 9 sets of student response systems. Many classrooms now have digital projectors, but I am hopeful that we will have all of these tools in all of the classrooms within a few years.

I have been reading Edutopia since its inception but have not signed on to a blog until now. One reason I signed on is that my job as an administrator involves integrating technology into our curriculum. I have a strong and dedicated cohort of teachers at my school who are interested in using new and emerging technologies, and I hope to gain new insight by reading the thoughts and engaging in the conversations posted on this blog.

Kathy Morlan's picture
Kathy Morlan
High School English Teacher

Hello everyone! I teach English to students who hate English. Technology for me is a must! Prior to becoming a teacher, I worked with my father in the retail industry. He became the president of the retailer's association and, as a side benefit, was given a year of website development. During that year, I learned to write HTML code and continued to update the website. Nearly 20 years later, I'm still learning new technologies.
I have a SmartBoard in my classroom and love it! The kids are amazed with the simplist things that other teachers don't make use of. I also use Senteo. (I guess that goes without saying.)
This year I changed our poetry unit and instead of just typing up their poems, the students typed their poems into Prezi and will start presenting them to the class this week. They love how they can emphasize phrases, words, and images using Prezi. They really got into this project.
For their Interview project, they created an Animoto of images that corresponded to their subject.
So many of my students "know" that English is not their strong point. Using technology takes that idea and turns it around. Using technology makes English more like playing with fun computer programs. Their writing and their thinking takes on a more logical and visual aspect.
This is my 9th year in the classroom. I love working with the senior class - it's much more free. I'd love to be able to incorporate more technology in my American Literature class.

Cyd Wright's picture

Hi yall! I'm presently a grad student working on my Masters in Instructional Technology. I am also a substitute teacher for HISD (Houston Independent School District). I sub in high schools.I'm certified in History, Social Studies and special Ed. My ultimate goal is to design and teach an online American History course that is heavily based on folk music and will include games, blogging, songwriting workshops, songwriting (collaborating w/ independent professional songwriters and each other), performing songs on video and other fun stuff, all while learning about American history thru the songs.Of course, it will be project based. This course will be for both high school and college students. I already have lots of songwriter friends who are willing to collaborate. Now I'm looking for teachers,
instructional designers and technologists (and grant writers) to help put it all together and make it a reality. Interested??? If so, let me know :)

Cary Staples's picture

I teach design in the School of Art at the University of Tennessee. For the past two years I have taught freshman seminar titled "MindGames" where students are asked to examine learning from the point of view of an immersive learning environment (read video game). The students watch James Paul Gee's post on Edutopia and play games posted on the Games 4 Change website. For their final, the students present a proposal for a game that they would like to experience. This class also address the idea of immersive problems or problems that have multiple facets and no one correct answer.

I also work with science faculty to develop immersive lab tutorials for high school and beginning college students.

I look forward to learning more about how we learn.

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