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What teachers *really* want for the holidays!

What teachers *really* want for the holidays!

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Help us compile a better gift guide for teachers!

Edutopia is writing up a guide for parents who want to give gifts to their teachers this year, and we'd like to hear from educators about what kinds of things they REALLY want -- we're guessing you have enough mugs...

Here's one we wrote a few years ago for ideas.

Let us know what's on your wish list for the holidays, big or small -- the best answers will be added to our gift guide.

Thanks in advance for your ideas!

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Dogscount's picture
High School Math teacher bucks county PA

I would like the students to give me a coupon for one class period of paying attention to be redeemed by me when they are having a day when they are acting up.
If they still really have to give a monetary gift, They can make a donation in my name to a charitable organization.

cathy williams's picture

I always appreciate a note, letter, or card from my student and/or parent. If someone wanted to give me a gift, then any sort of gift card would be great....Barnes and Noble, Sonic, Starbucks, Walmart, etc. Seasonal decorations to decorate my classroom, stickers, or anything homemade is also appreciated. It isn't the amount of money spent, it is the heart behind the gift that means the most.

lelangueleader's picture
SAT/ACT Instructor, perennial linguist and Ph.D. hopeful from Miami

This is what all of my co-workers always want. It is so sad and some people find it unbelievable but teachers here in Miami-Dade get less than a ream a year from the school.

Kim Simpson's picture
Kim Simpson
Third grade teacher at Poland Community School

While I'm flattered and appreciate that parents want to buy mugs, and other ornaments for the holiday, they can really help the entire class by simply purchasing an itunes card so that we can put apps on our ipads. This benefits 20+ children instead of an adult.

Ms. Coburn's picture
Ms. Coburn
Advanced Academic Resource Teacher

So just donating items for the classroom is always nice, pencils, paper, crayons, gently used books, etc. If not, it's the homemade gifts that always seem to stick around and have more meaning.

Mira Luna's picture

Can't decide what to give this year? For friends who have enough stuff, Adopt an Acre of Rainforst, African desert or Coral Reef habitat in their name to protect for future generations through our Adopt an Acre program or protect coral reefs through Adopt a Reef. Your gift will ensure the survival of millions of species of animals and plants across the world.

You can also receive See's fancy chocolates, a nature print or box of nature cards to give along with your personalized Adopt an Acre Deed. Everyone loves chocolate!

Donations requests are popular gifts for people who have enough already or who care about the environment.

Send an email to your friends and coworkers to Adopt an Acre in your name in lieu of a conventional gift this year.

$25 = 1/4 acre personalized rainforest or coral reef deed with gift card.
$50 = 1/4 acre personalized gift rainforest or reef deed, gift card and a box of assorted nature cards or chocolates.
$60 = 1/4 acre personalized gift rainforest or reef deed, gift card and a beautiful beetle or reef fish 8.5x11 print from Lucy Arnold. Each print comes with a species identification card. (Click on images below for detail.)

For custom orders, please call 415-648-3392 or email info (at)

For more info and payment with Google Checkout,

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