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Video : Spellathon will be the biggest sponsored global digital spelling competition ever. All Schools, Colleges and University Unions will receive 25% of the income fundraised by their students! Spellathon is also a free teaching resource for English spelling practice in the classroom and at home. Its fun, competitive and engaging. Spellathon has been a successful, paper based annual fundraising event for learning disability charity Mencap for the last 18 years. In 2011 , by applying online, laptops, mobiles, tablets and smart whiteboard technologies with state -of-the-art 3D animation, Spellathon will reach a global audience. Registration is now open for all Schools, Colleges and Universities from around the world, to receive a personal invitation from Stephen Fry ( and a Free Digital Schools Pack that will contain the interactive whiteboard game, assembly video, pre-populated digital marketing materials and everything else they need to take part. Stephen Fry, the voice of The Professor in Spellathon, has said: "This is just about the best integration of imagination, education, technology inclusiveness and fun that I've ever encountered. Register :

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William Ross (commonly called Bill)'s picture
William Ross (commonly called Bill)
Retired Australian Arts, Photo, Media Teacher now teaching Vis Lang

Recently deconstructed the visual narrative in the latest music video by Lady Gaga - Judas. My Grade 10's were stunned at the complex story they found after scratching the surface. We completed a written assignment on the work which was happily (yes true) completed because they were so engaged by the subject matter. It was "their" media and they learned how to read it. A rewarding experience for all. Relevance was the trick and it worked. Try it, your kids will love it. Maybe need to view the movie version of J.C. Superstar first to put Judas in context but even J.C. is a great topic for analysis, especially of film techniques and composition.
All the best

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