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SIOP ( Sheltering Instruction Obervation Protocol )

SIOP ( Sheltering Instruction Obervation Protocol )

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Hello Everyone . Have you read that model?,Is there someone with experience applying the SIOP 8 components ? I've found it very fascinate , but the time involves for preparation is not easy to do . I would want to have some feedback from all of you , I dont really have a lot of experience in education , I have been teaching english the last 5 years and in my humble opinion , Teach english based in academic content is a great way to do it , I am still learning to develop a class but i am totally sure will work . What do you think ? Thanks for feedback .

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Rebecca Alber's picture
Rebecca Alber
Edutopia Consulting Editor

Hi Moises,

I have used SIOP as a teacher and also in my online instruction, I have had students develop a lesson, teach it, and reflect on the results using the SIOP protocol.

It is very involved and takes a lot of time to prepare, you are correct. My advice? Develop a lesson using all the components at least once, and then from there, you can choose which of the components you will focus more on (according to what you are teaching and your students). Even just adopting a few of the components to your lesson planning can greatly evolve your teaching -- and the learning in your classroom.

Good luck!

Moises Gonzalez's picture
Moises Gonzalez
English Teacher at iTCA Santa Tecla , El Salvador , Central America

Thanks Rebecca , I recently applied the Delivery Lesson components , I followed sticky and worked amazing , you know , SIOP involves a lot of preparation , finally you can have a lot of stuff , copies , reading etc and in real time you can easy tend to provide everything , but when you focus in Delivery lesson , that will lead you to follow step by step and provide material in the correct timne during the lesson , Thanks Rebecca .
Moises .
El Salvador , Central America .

KellyAnn Bonnell's picture
KellyAnn Bonnell
STEAM Integration Manager

In Arizona we are all required to take SIOP training as part of teacher preparation. There's a great online class offered by Rio Solado Community College that is totally worth your time. I very much enjoyed the experience.

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