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What do you think of AR?

What do you think of AR?

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I am very frustrated with AR. I have higher expectations than children pushing buttons when they read a book. I teach critical thinking and connecting the dots. I also include the author's purpose. I know it has sold well. That does not mean our children read. It is part of "quick, let's read and get the test done so the teacher is happy." In the long run children are on the computer AGAIN....

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Dudley Stadler's picture
Dudley Stadler
ITT Teacher

I have had the opportunity to observe how Accelerated Reading is administered in many schools. This is one program which is usually used in an improper manner. It is my belief that accelerated reading should be an auxiliary to the reading program in the school and not a major part of the reading program.

Yes, it does place the students on the computer but aren't you and I communicating on the computer right now. The computer is a tool and like all tools it should be used the right way. A hammer, a tool, used to hit a nail to build something is normally good. A hammer used to hit someone over the head is normally bad. O.K., I know I will be asked when is it good to hit someone over the head. It is called self defense.

mary spata's picture

AR is one tool that absolutely works. Using it in my school statically improved reading in all grades. Setting point levels for students and requiring students to test on books read made the students more accountable for reading and retaining the material. Is this upper level thinking - no. But is one tool that definitely tests student's ability to retain what they read. This tool was one of many that our Media Center used to promote reading and teach skills. When students came into the Media Center to test, I enjoyed discussing the books with students and getting their feedback. Sometimes I would read a book one of the students encouraged me to read. There is no one tool that is best - what AR does is works with all the other reading tools.

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