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Even though I taught in Oklahoma, agricultural illiteracy was a problem in schools there too (even BASIC ag literacy was a dream). Toward the end of my 10th grade biology class, we studied plants and animals. One sophomore got very excited one day and said, "OH! I get why we have to mow the grass! I see why we have to put flowers in water! I get it!! Plants are ALIVE!!!"

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Susan Needham's picture

A first grader came into the library one day wanting to check a book out. They are allowed one book and when asked if he had the book the computer said he had he didn't think he had checked it out. He was asked to go check his desk. Minutes later he came back in a little embarrassed saying, "Sometimes I have trouble with my remembery."

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Hubert V. Yee
social media and marketing manager of startup

Great "Stuff My Students Say"!

We need to "remembery" that plants are ALIVE!

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