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Middle School Humor

Middle School Humor

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This past week I was passing out Directed Reading Worksheets. I inadvertently passed a worksheet upside down to a student. She replied-"Mr. Chacon you printed this worksheet upside down!" After 2 seconds, she stated-"I can't believe I said that!" We all broke down laughing.

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Bobbie Brown's picture
Bobbie Brown
4th grade math, science & social studies, St. Martha Catholic School, Louisville, Kentucky

During a 7th grade math lesson on proportional reasoning, a student was confused on the method I had used to solve a problem at the board. As he was trying to explain his question and his thought process, I turned to the board to follow his reasoning. He was using numbers that weren't on the board and I couldn't follow him at all. Still facing the board, I gestured to the problem and said, "Where are you?" There was a pause, then he said, "I'm behind you, to your left."

Post-script: After I and the class composed ourselves after cracking up, we had to explain to him why we were laughing at his comment.

Stephanie K.'s picture
Stephanie K.
High School Spanish 2

One day, when I taught middle school,while I was writing on the board, I heard a "whack!" and a student said, "Ouch!" I turned around and saw young Fernandez rubbing his arm while students around him stifled a giggle. I asked what happened. Without wanting to reveal the perpetrator, he said, "Some idiot hit me with a ruler." The kid at the desk next to him said, "You hear that, Miss? He called me an idiot!"

Beth Kaumeyer's picture
Beth Kaumeyer
Special Education teacher for seventh and eighth graders in Montclair, CA.

A lesson on idioms was the focus of a book one of my System 44 reading groups was studying. When that group rotated to work at my table, I asked one student a question. She started to speak, couldn't, and cleared her throat loudly. "Oh!" she exclaimed with a huge grin, "I must have gotten a cat in my throat!"
I looked at her with a smile and raised eyebrows and the mimed clutching my throat as if I were choking. The student burst out laughing. "I think I meant a frog, Mrs. K.!"

Mr. Montes's picture
Mr. Montes
6th gr teacher, International school in Mexico.Destination Imagination ATD

My 6th grade class art teacher asked me to come to her room so I could see the art my students were making. She had started the class by explaining that "surrealism" is a style of paintning in which artists may represent things that seem to be real but are impossible. She showed several examples, like that famous Salvador Dali painting with the "melting clocks"; and as soon as she thought everybody had a clear idea, she gave them paper and paint to work on their own surreal painting. A team of 3 girls from very wealthy families were working together and at the end they were asked to present and explain their work. They went: " This is the Louis Vuitton store with 70% discount sale, Impossible!!!!"

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