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From the mouths of 2nd graders

From the mouths of 2nd graders

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I teach 2nd grade in a Catholic school in NYC. 1) One day, the students asked me how old Mary was when she had Jesus. One student said that she was a teenager. One little girl stated "If they had "16 & Pregnant" on back then, would Mary have been on it?" Yikes. I just hope her mom is doing A LOT of explaining while letting her daughter watch that show! 2) While putting students into groups for a field trip, a boy declared that the girl I put him with was his "march enemy." I don't think I laughed so hard all year! He said it with such conviction. When I caught my breath, I told him that she was his "arch" enemy, and no, she shouldn't be his enemy, that we're all friends. He just gave her an evil look. Priceless.

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James Dittes's picture
James Dittes
English teacher from Gallatin, Tennessee

Trying to motivate a group of 9th-graders through a boring grammar assignment, I told them: "This isn't hard, it's easy. All of you have been speaking English since shortly after you could walk. You are all FLUENT in the English language."

One boy in the front row pounded his desk in agreement: "That's right, Mr. Dittes. I IS fluent in the English language!"

Stefanie's picture
parent of three highly gifted children

My 2nd grader came to breakfast one morning and while sitting at the table looked at me with a straight face and informed me that because he didn't get much sleep and had to get up in the night to use the bathroom, he was PROBABLY going to be bad that day. My husband and I just looked and each other, then him and thanked him for the heads up... then burst out laughing.

Petra Sheila's picture
Petra Sheila
sixth grade language arts/social studies teacher

While being a substitute for a second grade class, we were reading the story of about the hen / gold eggs and farmer kills the hen out of being greed. The second grade class came to the conclusion that is better to be poor than rich. It troubled me some and we discussed further but they were convinced that being poor is better because it takes away the possibility of loosing everything. I'm still kind of puzzle about it ..

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