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What will happen if someone proved that Math can be taught more than 10 times faster? Is it even possible?

What will happen if someone proved that Math can be taught more than 10 times faster? Is it even possible?

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That was why I ran 2 pilot studies from 2 middle-high schools for K7-11 to prove that 1 month of the regular math can be taught in less than 1 hour. (Hands down truth)

To make a long story short, I ran basically about 40 minutes math class for each of math class of 1 month materials (ranging from K7 to K11 as they cancelled my K12 for Calculus due to their school politics...) and students were tested 1-2 days before my pilot class and 2 days after my pilot classes etc.

The results are staggering as they are emerging since last week.

For more details, you can visit

For this discussion, however, I'd like to discuss about the future consequences out of these ground-breaking studies.

Once I am done some more pilot studies and if I manage to get funds, I would like to prove once and for all that the average students can master the entire 12 years of math at least a few times faster than the fastest math-physics prodigies in the world. I mean the top fastest 10-20-30 of them, not some SAT 800 math students or MIT professor speed etc.

For now, suppose this is the definite possibility and I would like to invite you all to discuss about what the short term and long term consequences will be.

Since I initiated the program to trigger the massive global education revolution, not some technology-based tweaking or edu reforms, I would like to hear some wild and passionate imaginations and discussions here!
; )

Anyone ready for this here?

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Balwant's picture
12 grade mathematics teacher from Ranikhet, India

In my experiance in 1x ,2x,3x no remarkable difference but if you increase teaching speed further the graph goes steep downwards!

Sachin's picture

What topics u taught .. Grade wise and how did you assess ?
Any samples plz....

What about below average students(those who didn't score well in the test 1-2 days b4 ur pilot class) ... How well they performed...?

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