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Flutag Record Flight for a Lab

Flutag Record Flight for a Lab

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I just happen to catch on national news about the Flutag record being broken in California recently. This is the wacky event sponsored by Red Bull where teams push man carrying gliders off a deck into the water. A new distance record was just set of 258 feet. Monday of this week I had been helping a science teacher friend with a lab his students were doing with rubber powered model airplanes and calculations. The Flutag record got me thinking about using the data from the record glide and doing some calculations. My friend Gary Hinze had created a simple glider lab on my website and I started looking at that and how the data from the flight could be used with the lab. Gary actively pursued finding better data and an email emerged from Bob Parks who was chief designer on the project and an active model airplane enthusiasts.

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Samer Rabadi's picture
Samer Rabadi
Online Community Engagement Manager

That was an amazing flight. I was part of a Flugtag team a few years back, and we didn't even come close to what the Chicken Whispers pulled off. Admittedly, our focus was more on having fun and making a point of using sustainable materials (think bamboo supports), but it would've been nice to go farther than we did. :-)

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