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Welcome to your Special Education group

Welcome to your Special Education group

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Hi, and welcome to your group. I say your groups because, while I'm the moderator, you get to determine what we talk about. This is a place to get to know each other, share ideas, resources, problems, joys and frustrations. If you're classroom is anything like mine there will be a lot of all of those. I hope you will enjoy the time you spend here and benefit from joining this learning and sharing community.

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Jan Kirby's picture

My last year I had 11 in 3 different Kinder classes as well as 4 in an am class. You are right, our children are overwhelmed with the amount of work! That is why we have modifications. Many regular ed. teachers believe the children need to finish all the work and have a difficult time understanding that some of the volume can be reduced. I would often try to offer some support for other struggling students when I was in the classroom. Sometimes you can pull a regular ed. student in with one of your students - in the regular ed. classroom. If the two students are working at the same level it is just as easy to work with two. The teachers are usually very grateful for this help. You will make a friend and hopefully get their support.

Deven Black's picture
Deven Black
Middle school teacher-librarian in the Bronx, NY

Considering the demands being placed on special education students, the rapidly expanding trend towards inclusion, and awareness that special education techniques work on all children, perhaps it is time for all teachers to have special ed certification.

Jan Kirby's picture

If not a degree, all teachers need training to work with all populations. Unfortunately, most schools think all children learn the same way. All children, whether they are labeled or not, learn differently. This is one of the best comments made by one of my professors - teaching is like a Merry-Go-Round, every time you go around someone gets on. The trick is to keep going until everyone gets on.

Joel Marrs Jr's picture

Thanks for offer....7th and 8th grade in North Tonawanda New York Middle school....We are 12 to 1 in the class room...I'm always looking for new ideas and open to review....Glad to be part of the dialog.JM

P. Svec's picture
P. Svec
Primary Special Ed. Teacher (Retired)

Hi! I was happy to stumble unto this special education site. Retirement came a little early 4 me, but it's still interesting 2 keep my hands in the educational process. I spent 18 years in SP Ed. mostly kindergarteners coming from the pre-school for 18 years-lots of experience with behaviors and curriculum-would be happy to mentor young teachers or problem-solve.

Angie Smith's picture

I just finished my 13th year of teaching SPED at the elementary level. I have a self-contained classroom of around 10 students with many different types of disability. My most exciting news is I just became a parent of a special needs child June 10th. I gave birth to a little girl with Down Syndrome. I am looking forward to being a part of this group not only for my classroom, but now for my family too.

Ursula Merrick's picture

I am seeking an aternative certificatiio in Special Education, I have to take the another test on the 24th and I am praying for successful results. I am very concerned about lesson plans once I get into the class because this is a first for me I have not been trained as to what to expect or how to do them and I am determine to be the best as I have always done in other situations and careers. Please help

Ursula Merrick's picture

I am working towards an alternative certification, I have another test to take on the 24th which will allow me to teach, my greatest concern is the lessen plan. Once I begin I really want to be one of the best and therfore I am seeking help from professional in the area. I count myself lucky to have found this group and have every confidance that you all will be able to help me and that I can in turn help you in some way.

Kathi's picture

There are excellent examples of lesson plans on line that you could use as a guide. Alot of them are free so avoid paying. However, EdHelper is a wonderful site but it does cost. It is well worth it.

Start with the unit you are going to teach and break it down into how many days you think it will take. Remember "hands on" activities work very well. You will also need to be flexible according to the needs of your students.

Hope this helps.

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