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Looking for how to's on making teacher created materials in a Prek to 5th autism classroom.

Looking for how to's on making teacher created materials in a Prek to 5th autism classroom.

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We are a school district like many others that is strapped for cash. There are many amazing products on the market. Yet, we really cannot afford them. Do you any of you have ideas for teacher created materials. I would love to hear about materials that you have created and with which you have had success. We are looking for materials in math, reading, and life skills.

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Whitney Hoffman
Producer LD Podcast, Digital Media Consultant, Author

HI Marjorie!

My first question is more specifically about the kids in your classroom. The autism spectrum is pretty wide, and you might have nonverbal kids as well as verbal ones- if you can give me a better idea of group size, and ability level, it might be easier to guide you towards appropriate materials. Do you have access to iPads at all?

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Thank you for your response. It's not my classroom. It's three classrooms with whom iam working for my internship. The teachers have described their classes.

One class is a K-1. Six of the students are verbal and one of the students has language but it is limited. All of my students' abilities vary, but overall, most of them are pretty high functioning. One of my students goes out to the resource rooms for reading and math, another is mainstreaming for parts of the day in the regular ed. kindergarten, and one of my first graders is mainstreaming for specials throughout the week with her other first grade peers. I use various materials to reinforce grade level curriculum. I also use the iPad for curriculum purposes as well as behavior reinforcement.

This class is a Pre K - K. My class comprises 7 boys aged 3 and 4. They run the autistic spectrum- some are higher functioning. Two of the 7 are not yet verbal, and one of them brings his personal IPad from home Which has the Proloque App. For his personal use. I have one classroom IPad to be shared for teaching and reinforcement for all seven students. I have generated my own materials for Discrete Trial Teaching and have received some from both Alexis and Maria.

They have four students. I have three who are verbal and one student with limited verbal. I currently have one student who is mainstreamed for all specials and some curriculum classes as well as placed in resource for the rest. The rest of my students are quite high functioning for their spectrum. However two are on different grade levels that may vary for the content learning. My students will range from first to third grade. We do use iPads as a curriculum guide as well as a reinforcement.

In my K-2 classroom I have seven students. Six of the students are verbal while one student has some language, but it is very limited. Overall, the population I am working with is pretty high functioning on the spectrum, but we still use a variety of materials to reinforce curriculum concepts. We also do have one iPad for the class that we can use for curriculum or reward purposes.

Thank you for reading all this.


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