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Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology

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There's a new, interactive, assistive technology platform utilizing 'intended touch' technology. Educators at the ISTE 2010 conference in Denver received a preview of SmartEd Services' TAPit and are calling it a "game changer." What do you think?

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SmartEd Services's picture

What a great story, Liz! I imagine Leo would really love TAPit's large screen since the small size of the iPod Touch was difficult for his fingers to navigate. The app research they're doing sounds wonderful. Please keep me posted on any apps Leo and his family discover to help with his autism.

Suzette White's picture

I have 6 IPAD's in my classroom and they are wonderful tools. Visited the TAPit site. Looks very expensive. affordability is key in school districts these days. You just can't beat what you can do with an IPAD for the money. new apps are coming out everyday.

Alyson's picture

Technology has become an excellent teaching tool! It was wonderful to read the article about Leo and how the iPad has helped him learn and connect to the world! I think teachers need to attend professional development opportunities so they learn ways to use technology to help students, like Leo, who have autism. Education is a dynamic field, and teachers need to continuously learn about helpful resources to help all students learn. I also think it is important to keep in mind that technology does not replace teachers; instead, technology is a teaching tool.

Kelly Reid's picture
Kelly Reid
Speech Language Pathologist

Wow! This looks really great. I loved the Leo story. Thanks for sharing.

Tao Shapiro's picture
Tao Shapiro
Education Specialist K-12

Every day I think of another way to use my i-Pad to differentiate instruction for my students. The i-Pad allows me to communicate to our ELL student though "Say Hi", to stimulate handwriting (ABC) , to make phonics"phonics genius" and math fun "Big Seed" ,to read leveled books on "RAZ KIDS", and to record student stories on " Audio note". I also use the i-Pad to record teacher lessons that my students will need to review.

Yes I am in love with this device...however...I am having trouble with "Dragon Dictation"...any ideas?

Matt_G's picture

Are you getting a specific error message, or having trouble downloading it?

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