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A great Computer based Reading Program for LI students

A great Computer based Reading Program for LI students

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As you may know, the US DOE recently released preliminary information about a new round of Race to the Top grants that are planned to be awarded at the district level. Final criteria and goals are expected to be released later this summer, with applications due in October and funds awarded by the end of the year. The focus of this grant program is to create personalized learning environments for students with a strong technology component and flexible access, which lead to improved outcomes in closing the achievement gap, and prepare students for high school graduation and career success. Scientific Learning’s products, Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant are proven, research-based solutions for accelerating learning for every student. Both products develop the key cognitive abilities of attention, memory, processing and sequencing, that when developed together with reading and language skills, can help students achieve dramatic gains – across multiple subject areas, that endure over time. Research has shown that students using Fast ForWord can achieve up to a 2 year gain in reading skills in as little as three months. These gains occur in a wide variety of student populations and ages, including English language learner, special education, academically at-risk, general education, and even gifted. Students using Reading Assistant software can improve their reading grade level up to 50% more than students receiving classroom instruction alone, in the same time period. Through our patented technology that delivers real-time intervention during oral reading, Reading Assistant builds fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. Wouldn’t you like to see your students achieve gains like these and close the achievement gap? Please contact me today for a free, customized product demo to see our products in action. In addition, we offer grant support if you are considering applying for this program. Sincerely, Scientific Learning Scientific Learning

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Kelly Reid's picture
Kelly Reid
Speech Language Pathologist

Fast Forward was not effective in my school district. I also attended the very first ASHA (American Speech and Hearing Association )convention on Fast Forward and even then had some concerns. At future ASHA conventions we were even advised not to use this program because of it's lack of scientific research. Please research it yourself before purchasing it.

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