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Survey for MA Research, looking for social studies teachers!

Survey for MA Research, looking for social studies teachers!

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Hi everyone,

This is my first time posting on this site. I am currently a Master's Student working on my Educational Technology degree. I am also looking to become a teacher soon. I am in the process of applying for an alternate route program here in New Jersey. This website has been extremely insightful not only for my degree, but for my own professional growth as a future teacher.

As part of my master's degree, I am conducting research for my thesis. I am exploring what technology teachers use in social studies/history classrooms. It would be wonderful to hear from any of you that teach, or have taught history/social studies at some point in your career. The survey should not take longer than 15 minutes.

Please feel free to share with your networks. Since I am not a teacher yet, I don't have a lot of connections with school districts to obtain enough data.

Email me with any questions or concerns

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Samer Rabadi's picture
Samer Rabadi
Online Community Engagement Manager

Hi Nancy, welcome to the Edutopia community. I've tweeted out your request to #sschat on Twitter, but you may want to head over there yourself too to ask people directly to participate in the survey.

Also, we have a ton of resources for new teachers. You may want to check out this link for a sample of what you'll find:

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