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Student Homework Completion

Student Homework Completion

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Hi everyone...I am new to blogging so please exuse me if I am out of context. I am curious if any other social studies teachers have a problem with getting students to turn in homework on a consistant basis. This is not a glaring problem for me but I still take a missing assignment personally. I recieve consitsantly 85% of the assignments given out, and the majority come in late. I guess I am just curious if this is a problem for anyone else. I give homework about once a week. I''ve shortened assignemts and even made a lot of them collaborative, but still the percentage stays at about 85%. Any suggestions as to ensure all students turn in their social studies homework?

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Cynthia Bohannon-Brown's picture

To take the stress off of myself, I simply celebrate those who turn in their assignments and make it about those wonderfully responsible and engaged students. Others can follow their lead. I believe that my job is to provide the opportunity for practice at home, not necessarily to mandate it (which is usually at a higher emotional cost to me).

Ms. Davis's picture

I use a Homework Choice Board that allows students to choose the type of assignment they will complete. The assignments relate to the topic and focus on differentiating learning. They liked it at the beginning of the year and I had a high homework percentage. Thus, I decided to use the same format for classwork from time to time. I am at

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