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Resolutions and Reflections

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I'll admit it- I have a weakness for New Year’s Resolutions. I know I'm not the only one-there’s a reason so many of us make them year after year. There’s something about that fresh start that a new year brings- we want to imagine that this will be the year we write that book, run that marathon, cultivate a spirit of gratitude, or learn to speak Thai. We may not stick with them very long, (personally, I only have 7 pounds left to lose of the 5 I resolved to drop in 2013), but the process of coming up with something to which we can aspire requires us to reflect, to look back at what we’ve done so far and evaluate whether it’s gotten us the results we’d hoped for, and what we want to do differently in the coming year. So what about you? What do you hope to do, be, or discover in 2014?

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Becky Fisher's picture
Becky Fisher
Education Consultant

Guilty as charged -- I love making New Year's Resolutions as well!

I've had pretty good luck with mine because I try to make them broad enough to set myself up for success. For example, last year's resolution was to not let fear stand in the way of adventure and it turned out pretty well. In 2013 I packed up and moved across the country without a job or knowing many people, went from a full-time job to consulting for a variety of wonderful companies, traveled to Asia for the first time, started publishing my thoughts on EdTech and Education, and built my own website. I'd say it was a turbulent, but incredible year of not letting fear stand in the way.

This year (2014) I would like to slow down and spend more time establishing my thoughts and opinions, staying up-to-date on this ever-changing field, work to create better opportunities for our students, continue to travel to foreign and unfamiliar lands, and read a lot more.

So last year was to not let fear stand in the way of adventure, and this year is to slow down and be sure I'm truly appreciating it all!

Of course for fun here are a few of my "always resolutions" that I have yet to accomplish:
- learn french
- run a marathon
- write a children's book
- master the ukelele
- volunteer regularly (1-2 times a week)

This was fun - thanks for posting, Laura!

Whitney Hoffman's picture
Whitney Hoffman
Producer LD Podcast, Digital Media Consultant, Author

Last year, I vowed to try at least one new thing a month- I wanted to do it every week, but I knew that was probably a little ambitious. So what new things have I done or learned?
-I made my own cheese- this was a big success, and I would do this again easily.
- I made my own mustard. This was so strong, I think it gives wasabi a run for its money, but if you have a headcold, hit me up- i have the cure!
-When we went out to eat, I made an effort to order something I never tried before- and the result is that Im now generally more experimental than before when we eat out.
-I tried yoga, and one of my goals for 2014 is to make this a regular part of my life
-Businesswise, I vowed to take work I felt passionately about, and while I wasn't as busy this year, I feel better about everything I did accomplish.
The trick to resolutions is to set a reasonable goal and then try to program your life to support it- reminders, and making small steps towards a bigger goal is critical, and marking progress in order to keep you on track. This is something we should also help our students do as well- set goals, measure and evaluate progress over time, and adjust when necessary. Sounds like a great project to start out the New year with, in fact!

Samer Rabadi's picture
Samer Rabadi
Online Community Engagement Manager

We asked our Facebook community about New Year's resolutions. Here's a sample of the responses:

Alan D.: Gratitude! Starting with Edutopia team!
Grace D.: Be the change I wish to see in the world
Dawn P. Fausto: Be more creative with my students!
Christopher C.: Is to be less influenced by my coteachers resistance to new ideas and methods when it comes to what I believe is best for my classroom.
Gail M.: To survive with a smile
Lisa K: Try not to worry too much about things I cannot change
Claudia C.: Continue to be the change I want to see in education.
Martha A.: To write 2014 instead of 2013.
Lori G.: Not to work so hard at teaching that my life is out of balance!
Maggie K.: Find ways to be more organized so I have more time for "fun" things.
Bev D.: More time enjoying the richness of life.
Daniel Y.: Learn something new.
Bettie A.: To travel!
Joy P.: To be more positive
Pat M.: Kids first!
Rita L.: Figure out how to use the kiln in my classroom
Hannah S.: Stay healthy and inspire my students!
Audrey H.: Make sleep a priority!
Sandy R.: To let go of the past. As much as I can, that is.
Ellen M.: Patience. with myself and my students.
Leslie S.: To be kind and upbeat
Diane W.: Spend more time with my family!
Cindy G.: To enjoy the time with my students. Not to worry and stress so much that I miss the good things going on:)
Peggy W.: Relax - it's all small stuff.
Chessie S.: To continue to invest in myself as a teacher of teachers and students.
Carmen E.: To have a great second half of the school year with my students
Sandy K.: To be a better person

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