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A project in mind with SEL :)

A project in mind with SEL :)

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Hello everyone :)

First of all I´ll like to say that I´m very interested in this group and in SEL.
As you can see I'm from Puebla, México. SEL hasn't hit to Mexico in the same matter as it has in the USA. I'm very interested in developing a research project based on SEL in my school and teaching/learning conferences here in Mexico mainly in my city. I was wondering if you can make any suggestions. I'll be honest this is new to me but it also motivates me so much to bring this concept into my projects. I really do hope you can suggest me many great ideas to start of, articles, website anything that can be helful. I'll apreciated so much! :)

Hope everyone is having a rocking weekend!
Greetings to all.


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Samer Rabadi's picture
Samer Rabadi
Online Community Engagement Manager

Hi Jessica, welcome to Edutopia. I'll ask the folks on our research team if they can help provide some guidance. In the meantime, here are a couple of links to get you started.

The first is Edutopia's SEL page, which includes research, case studies, and videos:

CASEL is another well-known organization dedicated to promoting SEL in schools. They're a great resource:

Vanessa Vega's picture
Vanessa Vega
Former Edutopia Senior Manager of Research

Hi Jessica, I'm thrilled to hear that you are interested in bringing SEL to your school, and even better, that you are interested in conducting action-research to make sure it is working! Since you are in an elementary school, I would suggest starting with the idea of "morning meetings," which are described in this video,, and in this Case Study, In order to teach SEL competencies to students, it is important that teachers at your school understand SEL competencies, and practice using them with each other-- perhaps through professional learning activities, or collaborative problem-solving. Our SEL Research Review provides a variety of research-based SEL practices, which can be used to spark a discussion with your colleagues about ways to bring SEL practices in your school, For example, perhaps the materials could create a discussion about school discipline policies, and if there are ways to focus on creating positive expectations for behavior, and ways to support students who may be acting out as a result of deeper issues, as opposed to the more traditional approach of focusing on negative behaviors and their punitive consequences.Finally, to check on how social and emotional competencies are growing in your school throughout the process, you might try asking teachers to rate the SEL competencies of six randomly selected students in each classroom. Raikes Foundation released a report (2011) describing a range of assessment tools to evaluate middle school SEL programs, and you might try to adapt some items for elementary school students:

!Buena suerte! Please keep us posted on how it goes!

Laura Thomas's picture
Laura Thomas
Director, Antioch University New England Center for School Renewal, Author of Facilitating Authentic Learning, Director of the Antioch Critical Skills Program; Elementary Library Media Specialist

Hi Jessica-
Samer and Vanessa have given you a lot of information to look at and I certainly don't want to overwhelm you with more! When you've had a chance to look through those materials, please check back in with your questions and ideas.

When I coach teachers on using SEL in their classrooms, I ask them to start by clarifying the academic AND social/ emotional content they want students to gain through the lesson or unit. Once that's clear, we focus on what those things will look like and sound like when their accomplished or practiced well- that gives us a start on the assessment piece.

Can't wait to hear what comes next in your thinking. Good luck and keep in touch!

Jessica Molina's picture
Jessica Molina
Elementary School Teacher from Puebla, México.

I'm a little bit too late, I'm reviwing all the information Sammer and Vanessa suggested and I find it very interesting and helpful, I believe it will be a good start. I'm trying to get all the teacher at the elementary school where I work to colloborate and be part of this project. Hopefully everyone will accept it.
I will also thank you for the information and Laura thanks for those tips all keep them in mind and make sure have everything clarify in order to persuit a good assessment piece. And yes I'll letting you all know how's it going and I'll try to keep in touch as much as I can. If you know any other sources I can use I'll be very interested to hear about them. Thank you for your time and as I said before this project has me very excited. :)

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