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Will SEL mar sponataniety?

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SEL fosters holistic development.I practice this and encourage this in my teacher training classrooms too. I have been seeing the benefits both in my teacher trainer groups, workshops as well as the classrooms that they have been in! A thought has been assailing me these last two days - When SEL gains predominance is there a less of spontaniety? Would individuals stay constantly sensitive to others' vis-a-vis their own selves that "spontaniety" can become a shade paler? I am intrigued! I am sure this issue can be entangled with so many of you with me in this forum. Reflecting while awaiting, Malathi Swaminathan

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Malathi Swaminathan's picture
Malathi Swaminathan
Mental Health cum Education Consultant

I am sorry for the spelling error of "spontaniety" in the title.
I can quip, saying -"Oh I was spontanoeus"!

Malathi Swaminathan

Betty Ray's picture
Betty Ray
Senior Editor at Large

This is an interesting suggestion. My initial thoughts are that kids who are socially and emotionally developed may become less spontaneous, but so what?! They will also be more collaborative and self-aware!

But there is also the argument for letting kids be kids, and does SEL somehow limit this? Maybe those who know more about development can jump in here. What are the optimal ages for kids to be taught SEL? IIRC, some people start as young as 3. Maybe the solution is to introduce SEL later on.

Kati Delahanty's picture

I think, too, that SEL addresses how to respond to, move forward from, reflect on, and/or embrace one another's spontaneity as it intersects with other people and affects a community (both positively and negatively).

Malathi Swaminathan's picture
Malathi Swaminathan
Mental Health cum Education Consultant

I truly believe in SEL. The reason for airing my thoughts on affecting spontaniety is arising from re-reading John Holt's "How childrn learn". SEL is an arena made available because of slackened sensitivity towards others.

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