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Science 2.0 support group, anyone?

Science 2.0 support group, anyone?

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Hi- I am very interested in how we can use "Web 2.0" tools to enhance our science teaching. I have a research article in press right now related to blogging in a biology class. My co-research, Chris Cimino, and I found some interesting impacts as he integrated a classroom blog into his teaching. The most important finding was that the online communication provided a safe area for shy students and improved face-to-face classroom discussions. I also have a technology column starting in January in The Science Teacher. I would like to form an informal group of science educators (elementary, middle and high) interested in integrating Web 2.0 tools into their teaching. We can support each others work and possibly even do some "live" discussions on a regular (monthly) basis. If interested, please reply here AND send me an e-mail (

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Mary Moran's picture
Mary Moran
6th grade teacher; STEM Magnet school in Maple Grove, Minnesota

I am definitely interested, although my students are much younger. I teach 6th grade at at STEM magnet school in Maple Grove Minnesota, and am a member of a online community specifically devoted to using technology to create powerful learning. One way I have used technology in science is to have students create a digital insect collection using Voicethread. I would love for anyone to view/comment on it for the students. Our next step is to find a partner class/classes in other parts of the country or world to compare our findings!

To view, go to

Feel free to email me at

Annie Montguire's picture

I too am interested. My school has Moodle, and I'd love to see what others have found effective uses of it and other 2.0 technology.

Mel Ausman's picture

I am interested because I've been using Moodle to add to my Science curriculum. I would also love to see how others are using Web 2.0 in the classroom.

Eric Brunsell's picture
Eric Brunsell
Asst Professor of Science Education @ UW-Oshkosh

Hi all-
I thought you might be interested in checkind out this research article. I worked with Chris Cimino, a classroom teacher in California, to study the effectiveness of blogging in a high school science classroom. To our surprise, we found that these students were not intrinsically motivated by the opportunity to use a new web tool -- instead, they saw at as just more work. However, their opinion became overwhelmingly positive after working with the blog assignments. We saw a high level of participation, completion of unprompted "self-directed" research, and improvements in participation in traditional face-to-face discussion. You can read the full article here:

Jill Koszarek's picture

I currently use Moodle on a limited basis. I have found that students do view discussion postings on Moodle as extra work, but I find the comments are very insightful and enable me to address questions that would not normally come up in the context of the classroom.
I have used VoiceThread as a means of posting lab results. My students are disappointed that more people haven't posted comments! We are new at using it and hope to post something with more polish the next time around.
I'm co-chairing a committee on 21st Century Science Skills and would like to get input and ideas on using Web 2.0 for science.

Jill Koszarek's picture

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Marion Carson's picture
Marion Carson
High School Chemistry teacher from W. Pa

I teach Chemistry 1 (college prep) and AP Chemistry at a small suburban public school. I have access to BlackBoard but find that I don't use the Web 2.0 tools much. How do you get around the fact that not every student has access to the internet at home?

Mrs. H's picture
Mrs. H
7th and 8th grade science

I am in the process of starting a class blog for my science classes. Any tips on what to be sure to do ahead of time before I introduce it to the classes. Also, I have the same issue as Marion, not all students have internet access at home. I have used flip cameras for project learning and posted the products on my wiki....great response from parents and administrators!

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