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Oceanography Resources

Oceanography Resources

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What resources would you need to teach oceanography. NOAA has a lot of them to offer and the teacher at sea program is outstanding. Here are a few of their resources. Education Educational Materials Professional Development Resources Web Site Video Tutorial (122.2 MB) The NOAA Ocean Exploration program strives to engage broad audiences to enhance America’s environmental literacy through the excitement of ocean discovery. Increasing this literacy requires high-quality, effective collaborations between ocean explorers and America’s teachers. NOAA regularly forms such collaborations to reach out in new ways to the public to improve the literacy of learners with respect to ocean issues. Educational Materials The NOAA Ocean Exploration program provides a variety of learning and teaching tools designed to engage broad audiences and enhance America’s environmental literacy through the excitement of ocean discovery. In this Educational Materials section you will find links to hundreds of lesson plans written by teachers for teachers, lessons built around specific ocean exploration expeditions across the globe, multimedia packages on specific ocean science topics, the Learning Ocean Science through Ocean Exploration curriculum, and a collection of background information and lessons associated with the Gulf of Mexico and the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Lastly, here you will find the Okeanos Explorer Education Materials Collection, comprised of Volume 1: Why Do We Explore? targeting seven modern reasons for ocean exploration including climate change, energy, human health and ocean health, and Volume 2: How Do We Explore? targeting the technology and engineering behind ocean exploration aboard the Okeanos Explorer. Lesson Plans | RSS Feeds Expedition Education Modules Multimedia Discovery Missions Learning Ocean Science through Ocean Exploration Curriculum Gulf of Mexico Ecosystems Collection Okeanos Explorer Collection Professional Development Ocean Explorer professional development offerings provide opportunities for teachers and other educators to engage in learning more about ocean exploration. They are designed to introduce participants to premiere ocean scientists/explorers and their research and explorations, and at the same time, provide exemplary tools and resources to enhance the teaching and learning of ocean science and NOAA endeavors in ocean exploration. Onsite professional development workshops are offered around the country in cooperation with our Ocean Explorer Education Alliance Partners and online professional development is offered regularly in cooperation with the College of Exploration. Onsite Pro Dev. | RSS Feeds Online Pro Dev. Education Alliances Additional Resources Resources This Resources section provides you with a link to video interviews, profiles, and mission logs from several individuals who have built their careers in different disciplines of ocean science; a short slide presentation to help guide you through the key elements of this Web site; a downloadable version of the entire 2005 Ocean Explorer field season; an ocean challenge puzzle and other great tools to enhance classroom instruction in ocean science and exploration. OceanAGE Careers | RSS Feeds Ocean Explorer Web Site Tutorial Ocean Explorer Field CD Ocean Challenge Puzzle CoRIS Glossary The Smithsonian Ocean Portal

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