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STEM Resources

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Dina's picture

My district will be embarking on a new venture this year...we will be the 1st STEM district in Texas. Just sharing one of the resources that was recently sent to me by my principal. I just began looking through some of the projects suggestions and thought that some of the projects could be tweaked to fit the specific needs of the grade levels or standard based content we teach at our school. I'm not sure if anyone is familiar with this site, but here it is:

If anyone has any other resources/STEM informational articles they would like to share, please post. I am really trying to read up on just about anything I can get my hands on about helping our school/students/teachers transition into this type of learning environment. Thanks!

Sue Stinson's picture
Sue Stinson
8th grade Family and Consumer Science Teacher from South Jersey

I truly believe that FCS isSTEM education. Does anyone have resources that relate life skills to stem education

Steve Wolf's picture

The "Science in the Movies" program just received TWC's "BEST STEM PRESENTATION OF THE YEAR" award. Science in the Movies is a live presentation performed in your school that shows students and teachers how over 100 key STEM concepts are used to make movie stunts and special effects. There is a great book aligned with the program, "The Secret Science Behind Movie Stunts & Special Effects." Schools using this program are seeing 30% spikes in physical science test scores.

Matthew Gudenius's picture
Matthew Gudenius
Teacher, Computer Programmer / Engineer, and Educational Technologist

I have compiled a video introducing some of my favorite online STEM resources (most of them available for free) -- and pointing out how they it is unfortunate that schools are purchasing iPads and thereby limiting our students' access to these great resources:

Robert Claymier's picture
Robert Claymier
elementary STEM consultant

Hello, I am new to this group. I am Bob Claymier, retired elementary teacher in Delaware, OH. I currently develop integrated STEM lessons that are correlated to Ohio's academic standards for P-6 science and social studies, and also provide professional development opportunities for elementary teachers interested in integrating STEM into their curriculum. You may wish to visit my website, www.stemiselementary, to download my free integrated STEM lessons and view other information and resources concerning elementary STEM. I have enjoyed the dialogues and resources presented in this community.

Dominic's picture

KnowAtom is a Next Generation STEM Solution for elementary and middle school science, engineering, technology, and math education. We are curriculum developers and our curriculum allows for inquiry lab science and engineering without building costly science lab facilities. KnowAtom's STEM curriculum is horizontally-and-vertically aligned to achieve state-specific standards at each grade level with increasing depth. Students encounter natural phenomena through firsthand experiences anchored in Science and Engineering Practices, Crosscutting Concepts, and Common Core Ideas. KnowAtom pedagogy prepares students for college and career readiness. To learn more, please visit us at

Elise B's picture
Elise B
Education Programs Manager for Friends of the National Zoo

Hi all,
I am the Education Programs Manager at Smithsonian's National Zoo. We have some resources that we are happy to share with teachers:

Our website is full of great information for students interested in biology, life sciences, or conservation fields. Whether you want to find an article about our reproductive efforts with giant pandas, are interested learning in what it takes to become a wildlife geneticist, or want to read up on our species survival plans, we have cool and interesting stories to share.

We recently launched an app, available through iTunes, that lists nearly all of our animals A-Z (something you can't easily find on our website) and features our critter cams and short movies about our animals. You can also customize a tour of the Zoo. This is helpful if you're at the Zoo, but can be a great way to bring us to your classroom no matter where you are. We will continue add educational content to this app! We are very excited to see how teachers use the app, and I would welcome feedback from you if you do!

Finally, our YouTube channel has everything from awww inducing video of cheetah cubs to interviews with our world renowned scientists.

Hope some of these are helpful to you and your students,
Elise's picture
Well balanced children in a connected world

Hello Vicki,

These are such great books. Are they also available as e-books?

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