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Math Deficiency's Effect On Science Education

Math Deficiency's Effect On Science Education

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Dear colleagues, do you find that your students lack of math ability effects their comprehension or interest in science?

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Hubert V. Yee's picture
Hubert V. Yee
social media and marketing manager of startup

Hi Jeremiah,

I think that one of the challenges in teaching is making it relevant/relational to the students. Viewing your blog I say tons of examples that engage students and is "applicable" to them. This makes math fun and exciting. I would have loved to learn math in more of a PBL manner when I was younger. Not sure about the interest but this would have led to higher grade for me in science.

Mary Kate Land's picture
Mary Kate Land
Montessori 4-6th grade teacher

Hi Jeremiah,

Though I know it takes on greater importance as students get older, it's not really a factor for my students. Most of their science tasks do not involve much computation. I like that science activities provide lots of fodder for hands on math learning, but most of that activity involves measuring something, reading some instrument or another, or counting/tallying data. The calculations involved are usually pretty basic.

In my experience, challenges with reading comprehension are a much greater barrier than innumeracy. Because many science tasks involve a number of steps, instructions can't be given verbally, and students must be able to interpret what they read. My goal is to get them struggling with the science concept, not with decoding the instructions. I usually use grouping strategies during science tasks to support students who have comprehension challenges.

Mary Kate

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