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iPad apps in the classroom

iPad apps in the classroom

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Frog Dissection from Punflay, is an educational app designed for the iPad. The app takes you through a virtual procedure of dissecting a frog. Meant for middle and high school students, Frog Dissection functions as a great teaching tool in the classroom. With detailed step-by-step instructions and vivid 3D imaging, it simulates the actual procedure accurately. An enhanced learning element includes an overview of the life cycle of frogs. The app will be especially popular among those who’d rather stay away from this rather squeamish experience in a wet lab. Frog Dissection was awarded the Mark Twain Ethical Science award by PeTA. To know more about the app, visit

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Susan M's picture
Susan M
7th Grade Science - Mount Vernon, Iowa

I agree. Frog Dissection is a great app. Also, there is an app for Rat Dissection as well. I am interested in other ways science teachers are using iPads in their classroom.

Ann Hyde's picture
Ann Hyde
Special Ed English teacher, Anchorage, Alaska

I use Cozi, which has a wonderful app for personal organization. There is also inClass which has a calendar, and will save notes in a pdf format. I use a couple of different local news and weather apps, the Kindle, USA Today, Pages and Numbers, a sudoku app, and Sticky Notes. A friend also recommended QuickOffice. I have students who are using most of these in some form or another. Our school district also subscribes to Google Docs for employees and students, so we are able to access these from netbooks, touchpads and iPads as well as traditional laptops and desktop computers. I also have students who really like iTunes U.

Josh Haza's picture
Josh Haza
High School Physical Science, Chemistry, and Physics Teacher

I use the Splashtop app to remotely control my desktop when I need greater functionality than a remote clicker offers. This way I can interact with the computer while I'm with the kids.

I also use a function generator app (Tone Generator Pro) to output pure tones to the speaker on my Ruben's tube and the standing wave generator.

Rebecca Frager's picture
Rebecca Frager
Librarian / Webmaster - Woodlawn High School in Baltimore, Maryland

I, too, have installed Splashtop and am looking forward to using it in my library. It is so much better than the interactive tablets because I can actually see the computer screen on my iPad.

I'll also be showing my students the various citation apps such as EasyBib, iCitation, and QuickCite.

Laura Moisei's picture
Laura Moisei
Online education forms & quizzes

Since iPads and most other tablets have web browsing features, I think we should also consider the world of web-based apps for education.

My teacher colleagues are very fond of Educreations and Smarter Cookie, both tools that help create engaging lessons. Also, 123ContactForm's web form builder can help creating great quizzes and teacher forms, both in class and outside of it.

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